1. Wikipedia has much information on HAWE-technology and its history. Also includes links to other resources.HAWE-teknologiasta ja sen historiasta.

2. Computer animation that demonstrates the operation principle of kite based systems

3. A presentation by NASA representative on the future of HAWE-technologies

4. Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2011

5. Alula Energy Oy

6. A short introduction (pdf) to HAWE in Finnish (contents similar to this site, but in Finnish)

7. Tampere University of Technology research group’s publications

You can ask for full text publications (in pdf format) from Risto Silvennoinen.

Contact information:

Risto Silvennoinen
Tampere University of Technology
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Tampere 33101
Phone: +358 400 131063
Email: risto.silvennoinen [at]